North Korean defector saw musicians 'blown apart' by anti-aircraft guns

Kim Jong Un
Known for his erratic behaviour, Kim Jong Un recently tested a nuclear blast 10 times the size of the WWII Hiroshima bomb. Photo credit: Reuters

The daughter of a high-ranking North Korean solider has fled the state and reports seeing a group of musicians blown to bits by anti-aircraft guns.

Hee Yeon Lim (not her real name) fled Pyongyang for South Korea last year and has told The Mirror about life within surpreme leader Kim Jong-Un's inner circle, where she witnessed brutal acts of cruelty.

Hee Yeon, 26, grew up in a life of privilege, but also danger.

After her father died, she fled with her mother and brother in a terrifying ordeal, bribing guards to smuggle them into Seoul.

There, she told of the brutalities inflicted by the dictator on his people, including being forced to watch a group of musicians executed for allegedly making a pornographic video.

She and her schoolmates were ordered to leave their classes and travel to Pyongyang where 11 musicians were brought out tied, hooded and gagged so they could not scream for mercy.

Ten thousand people filled a football stadium to watch the execution, she said.

"They were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns. The guns were fired one after the other. The musicians just disappeared each time the guns were fired onto them.

"Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere."

Afterward, military tanks rolled over the remains to grind them into the ground.

She also described watching classmates taken away as slaves.

Officials plucked teenage girls from school to work at one of the dictator's hundreds of homes, she said.

"They take the prettiest and ensure they have straight, good legs. They learn to serve him delicacies like caviar and they become sex slaves."

If they object to sleeping with him, fall pregnant or make a mistake, "they could very easily disappear".

She was brought up to believe he was like a god, and described one of his many retreats across the country as a "small palace" with swimming pools, gardens and fountains.

Kim Jong Un missile
A Hwasong-12 missile launched in North Korea earlier in September 2017. Photo credit: Reuters

Kim, 33, has imprisoned 25 million of his people, many of whom are starving, while he, in contrast, lives in extravagant wealth.

Known to order executions of relatives, he orchestrated the murder of his half-brother by an agent earlier this year.

He is also notorious for his erratic behaviour and recently  tested a nuclear blast 10 times the size of the WWII Hiroshima bomb.

In response, South Korea's Major General Yong Suk Lee said they also needed nuclear weapons to match him.