Nurse in China videoed dropping baby

The baby is said to be unharmed.
The baby is said to be unharmed. Photo credit: Mail Online

A post-partum care centre in China has faced criticism after one of its workers was caught on video dropping a newborn baby.

The incident took place on the morning of July 16 at the Puruming Postpartum Care Centre in Yanji, north-east China. The baby, a boy, was only 19 days old.

The worker was seen casually pushing the stroller across the floor, when the carrier lost its balance and tipped forward, sending the baby toppling out on to the floor in its head. 

A representative of the care centre told media the nurse was an experienced medical professional and the baby was unscathed.

The baby's family however is furious, and will be filing a lawsuit against the centre shortly, Chinese media reported. A family representative described the nurse's actions as "extremely irresponsible".

After the incident the baby was taken for a CGT scan, which showed no damage to the brain, but the family's solicitor says medical checks could not guarantee the babies neurological health in the days to come.