Oblivious tourists swim just metres away from a huge shark

Tourists have been videoed fleeing a Spanish beach in terror as a shark makes itself at home in the shallow waves.

The incident took place on Wednesday (local time) in Benidorm. As tourists unknowingly waded and swam into the waves, the shark swam into the shallows. 

Lifeguards frantically shouted at tourists to alert holidaymakers to the danger and encourage them to get out of the water.

Cheltenham resident Julie Roberts, 56, said a snorkeler was "just feet away" from the deadly fish.

Speaking to The Sun she said: "There was another lady swimming on her own the other side and she was totally oblivious to what was going on.

"Its tail was flapping around and it looked distressed, which wasn't nice to see." 

The shark swam away moments later as hundreds of beachgoers watched in shock.

No swimmers were hurt in the incident, and the shark appears to have escaped unharmed. 

Blue sharks, thresher sharks and even great whites have been found in Spain, but the species of this shark remains unknown.