One in five grandparents hate their grandkids' names

If your name's Finn, there's a high chance your grandparents aren't too pleased with your parents' name choice.

Recent surveys by UK-based parenting website Mumsnet have revealed that one fifth of grandparents hate their children's choice of name for their grandkids.

Nineteen percent of grandparents acknowledged they hate or have hated their grandchild's name, while 15 percent of parents say that they have a parent or parent-in-law that hates their child's name. Another 6 percent admitted they have fought with their parents over the issue.

The most hated names for girls were Aurora, Charlotte, Edna, Lindsay, Sally, Bertha and Tabitha.

For boys, the most disliked were Jack, Noah, Roger, Elijah, Frank, Finn and Ian.

The top reasons for grandparents' objections were the name being "too odd", or annoyance at the parents for not choosing the name they suggested.

Less common reasons for not liking the names were concerns that the name would be an embarrassment for the child, similarity to the name of a person the grandparent disliked, or irritation that a family name had not been used.