Passenger dragged off plane over allergies

The woman was carried forcibly off the flight.
The woman was carried forcibly off the flight. Photo credit: Bill Dumas

A US woman has been booted off a Southwest Airlines flight by police after complaining she had a life-threatening allergy to dogs.

The severe allergy - which was set off thanks to the presence of two canines on the aircraft - was brought to the attention of flight crew.

Fearing for her safety, they then asked for her to leave - but the woman, who was due to be travelling from Baltimore to Los Angeles, refused and police were called onto the flight to forcibly remove her.

The woman's reluctance to leave the aircraft resulted in delays to the flight, with a fellow passenger filming the entire ordeal and posting it on social media.

Footage shows the woman fighting hard to retain her position on the plane, while several passengers who were clearly growing tired of waiting to take off urged her to get off and file a complaint later.

A witness to the scene said while the footage may look as though the woman was a victim of an injustice, she had repeatedly told police she would leave the plane without force without following through.

The witness said that simply dragged proceedings on longer than they needed to be, causing frustration among other travellers.

Earlier this year, amateur footage of a bloodied man being violently dragged from a United plane after the airline overbooked a flight went worldwide. The video was a PR disaster for the airline, who were forced to apologise and reached an out of court settlement with the victim.