Perth bottle shop refuses to take 'sweaty money'

  • 21/09/2017

A Perth liqour store has put up a sign warning customers that money stored in socks or underwear will not be accepted. 

Cellarbrations in Nollamara put the sign up some time ago, in response to a spate of customers attempting to pay with money covered in sweat. 

The sign inside the shop says: "Due to concerning health reasons, we will no longer be accepting any money that has been concealed in underwear or socks."

Speaking to Macquarie Media, Cellarbrations Nollamara owner Michael Nicolof explained that customers attempted to pay with soiled cash frequently during the summer. 

He said that typically male customers would hide the money in their socks, while women would store money in their bra. 

Mr Nicolof said that staff had been told not to accept sweaty money, and that a particularly nasty incident had prompted him to create the sign.

"I had an incident with a male customer where he's actually taken his shoe off, and he's taken his sock off and there was money in the arch of his foot  and look, that's money we don't want to touch," he said.

While backlash ove the sign was minimal, Mr Nicolof said there were a small number of customers that took offence to being refused service, but he could do without their business.