Rescued dog covered in scars, hugged for the first time

An abused dog rescued by a US animal shelter has been given real affection for the first time.

'Duncan' was found just after Hurricane Irma blew through Atlanta and rescued by the Lifeline Animal Project. 

When he arrived at the animal shelter, the American Pitbull Terrier was given a big hug by a staff member, who said he clung to her for a long time and wanted to be "cradled like a baby".

Lifeline Animal Project community engagement manager Sarah Rosenberg told The Dodo: "One look at his chewed-up face and I knew he had been through a living hell, but his eyes were soft and warm, and invited me to hold him."

"I held him for a long time, but he held me harder ... I could tell he expected nothing, but accepted everything with grace and such unbelievable sweetness."

Duncan is now available for adoption, and he loves children and being outside in the sun. 

He is covered in old scars, as well as fresh wounds, but there's no way of knowing how he got them.

Ms Rosenberg said that whoever decides to adopt Duncan is "in for the love of a lifetime".