Russia calls on US to destroy chemical weapons

  • 28/09/2017
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Photo credit: Getty

President Vladimir Putin says Russia is destroying its last supplies of chemical weapons, three years ahead of schedule, hailing the development as "an historic event".

In televised remarks broadcast by the Rossiya 24 TV channel, Mr Putin also complained that the United States had not fulfilled its own obligations to destroy chemical weapons.

"Historically Russia was one of the largest holders of chemical weapons and the US remains one.

"Unfortunately the US is not observing the deadline for disposing of its chemical weapons. They have pushed the date back three times, citing a lack of funding. This, frankly, sounds strange," he added.

The President said Russia's example in delivering on its promise to destroy its arsenal should encourage other nations to follow suit.

Russia began destroying its chemical weapons arsenal in 1996, shortly before ratifying its accession to the Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the watchdog of the convention.