Russian teenager electrocuted in the shower while on holiday

Viktoria Stronskaya
Viktoria Stronskaya Photo credit: Facebook

A Russian teenager has been tragically killed while taking a shower on holiday.

Viktoria Stronskaya's boyfriend was preparing to propose to her when he discovered her dead on the floor of the bathroom. 

Ms Stronskaya, 18, was on holiday with her boyfriend Pavel Kniazkov, 23, in the Russian village of Loo near Sochi.

Following a swim with her boyfriend Ms Stronskaya went to take a shower but never returned from the bathroom. |

A faulty electric boiler is believed to have caused the malfunction, sending sparks shooting into the shower and electrocuting her.

Viktoria Stronskaya & Pavel Kniazkov
Viktoria Stronskaya & Pavel Kniazkov Photo credit: Facebook

Mr Kniazkov went to get her but assumed his initial knocks on the door went unanswered due to the water running. When he went inside to investigate further he discovered her lifeless on the floor of the shower still gripping the showerhead in her hands.

Mr Kniazkov tried to pull his lifeless girlfriend out of the shower and was also electrocuted in the process but survived the shock.