School accidentally sends students link to pornography site

A school in Victoria has apologised for a typing error that led to students being sent a link to a pornography site instead of an annual breakfast event.

Peninsula Grammar, on the Mornington Peninsula in Australia, explained that a missing letter in the web link, which was supposed to go to the booking site, meant that those who clicked were instead taken to an "inappropriate adult website".

As soon as the mistake was realised the school immediately began deleting emails from the student's accounts. All students were also emailed and told not to click the link. 

In a statement on Wednesday, Peninsula Grammar principal Stuart Johnson said "We are extremely upset that we may have exposed our students to a website of this nature as it is clearly not in line with our school values".

In the same statement Mr Johnson also said that the school was investigating the incident and would look into whether Victoria's Child Safe Standards were breached.

Peninsula Grammar had been trying to promote an annual fundraising event, the Brownlow Breakfast, which it is hosting later this month.