Shotgun-wielding 'ex-SWAT deputy' fends off Houston looters

Man with shotgun fends off Houston looters
"I'm an ex-f**king SWAT deputy. I will cut your ass in half!" Photo credit: TexasProud / YouTube

A shotgun-wielding Houston "ex-f**king SWAT deputy" has been protecting his neighbourhood from looters - telling them he will "cut yo ass in half".

A video posted to YouTube shows the armed man standing outside a Little York Food Mart, and threatening those hunting for food.

Houston has been hit by a major storm this week, causing widespread flooding, damage and evacuations.

"Hey, don't you go back in that store! I'm telling you one time. I'm not scared to shoot ya," the man can be heard shouting.

"I'm an ex-f**king SWAT deputy. I will cut your ass in half! Don't go in that store no goddamn more!"

The footage was filmed from a car nearby. A woman in the vehicle asks "Is he for real?"

"Yea, he got a real-ass shotgun in his hand!" comes the reply.

The man patrols the parking lot, holding his weapon in one hand.

"They looting the stores, and this man out here is trying to literally protect the community," a woman in the car says. She says they can't call for rescue boats, because the people on the boats will rob them.

"Lord Jesus, we all need you. This sh*t is getting real. They are not playing out here."

The video shows looters scattering at his threats, fleeing in all directions.

"[I'm] protecting the community where I live," he says.

"I grew up in this area, I'm a former law enforcement officer, so I understand what the law says… If you're looting, you're stealing. It's a violation of Texas law and federal law in the time of a catastrophe… Constitution says you've got the right to bear arms."

The man tells the woman that the community needs people to step up and confront the looters.

"We need more real men out to step up and protect where you live. This storm is temporary," he shouts.

"It don't make no sense that these guys out here, too lazy to get a damn job, the energy they using to rob - they need to use that energy to rescue people."