Six injured in London acid attack - reports

Six injured in London acid attack - reports
Photo credit: @SnowandBeach/Twitter

Six people have been injured after an acid attack in Stratford, east London.

The incident took place on Saturday night near Stratford Centre.

Police were called to the scene just shortly before 8pm, after witnesses reported a group of males spraying people with a noxious substance.

While the incident isn't believed to be terror-related, the scene was panic-ridden in the immediate aftermath with victims rushing off to nearby sources of water to clean their wounds. 

Those at the scene were visibly shaken by what they'd just witnessed.

One said: "I can't speak now, my mate's been hurt."

Another, who gave his name as Hossen, said he saw a victim run into fast food outlet Burger King "to wash acid off his face".

"There were cuts around his eyes and he was trying to chuck water into them," he said. 

The alleged attack occured after an argument broke out among a group of people.

Little is known as to what the argument was about, but a man has been arrested on suspicion of grevious bodily harm.

Ambulance and fire services were also called to the scene. 



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