Swastika-wearing Nazi knocked out after harassing black man

The man was knocked out with one punch to the face.
The man was knocked out with one punch to the face. Photo credit: Twitter

Warning: This video contains violence which may disturb some viewers.

A man sporting Nazi regalia was knocked out on a Seattle street after allegedly abusing a black man on the bus.

The unidentified fascist was riding a bus on the northwest US city's D-Line bus route, where a photo of him was taken and shared on social media site Reddit.

The image was then picked up on by anti-fascists based in Seattle, who got to work tracking the neo-Nazi down and confronting him.

Footage shows a group of men surrounding him on a street side as he fiercely defends himself.

He can be seen speaking animatedly, until a much larger man sidles up beside him and delivers a sickeningly forceful punch that sees him drop to the ground instantly.

The Nazi was knocked out, and remained on the ground unconscious until police coaxed him awake and made him remove his armband, which was emblazoned with a Swastika.

Police let him go after he refused to give any information about the incident.