Trio of Hurricanes over Atlantic 'like nothing on modern record'

Even as the US braces for Hurricane Irma to make landfall, two more massive storms may land simultaneously. 

Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia are currently gathering speed in the Atlantic, and the US National Hurricane Centre (NHC) has warned that they may make landfall at the same time as Hurricane Irma.

Irma is already considered one of the most dangerous storms in a century, with NHC scientist, Eric Blake, tweeting 

He says the fact that two more storms are incoming is unprecedented,


Hurricane Jose is currently a category three storm, and is spinning close behind Irma.

Katia is category one, but is expected to strengthen, and is moving through the Gulf of Mexico. 

Scientists are attributing this extreme weather activity to climate change. 

Jeffery Kargel, from the Department of Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Arizona, told the Independent that

"Put most simply, Planet Earth's climate is in upheaval and we know exactly what is causing it."