Weather reporters taking 'irresponsible' risks with Hurricane Irma

Weather reporters taking 'irresponsible' risks with Hurricane Irma
Photo credit: CNN News

While millions are fleeing from Hurricane Irma in the south east of the US, not everyone is taking cover.

Videos of reporters braving the storm are going viral, causing many news teams to flock to the state.

However some are raising questions whether these videos might be causing journalists to go a little too far to report the news.

One reporter in Miami had to be tethered to a rope while on camera to keep from falling down.

Some viewers have taken to social media to vent concerns; one writing that she "felt sick" watching the coverage of the hurricane, another saying that it was "dangerous and irresponsible."

Not everyone agrees with the concerned viewers.

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research principal scientist, Chris Brandolino, used to present storm coverage in New York, and says reporters will always be sent out into the rain, calling hurricanes like Irma "Ratings gold."

Former TVNZ head of news, Bill Ralston, says that safety is being sacrificed for ratings.

"To what extent are these people just show-boating for viewers."

"It's not sensible for reporters to put themselves in danger like we're seeing here with Hurricane Irma…just dumb."