Air Berlin pilot under investigation for boisterous farewell flight

The pilot is under investigation. Photo credit: YouTube / Flying ED

A pilot who made a tricky manoeuvre during his landing in celebration of Air Berlin's final transatlantic flight has been placed under investigation.

In spectacular footage from Monday (local time), the plane can be seen dipping within about 20 metres of the runway at Düsseldorf Airport before tilting dramatically to the left.

It then starts ascending once more, completing a final lap round the airport before completing a landing in a more conventional way.

The aircraft was carrying 200 passengers, and plane enthusiasts gathered round the person filming the video can be heard gasping as it made the manoeuvre.

Air Berlin says the manoeuvre had been agreed upon with them before being undertaken by the pilot.

Air Berlin announced that Luftfahrt Bundesamt, the federal aviation authority in Germany, will now be looking into the incident - and said it fully supports their investigation.

No passengers complained about the incident, the airline says.