Anti-same-sex marriage campaign heats up as protesters disrupt wedding

Close-up of bride holding bouquet .
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The anti-same-sex marriage campaign in Australia has earned the ire of one bride after interrupting her wedding with a noisy protest.

A crowd of about 500 people marched through Sydney on Saturday afternoon, eventually ending outside St Mary's Cathedral where a wedding was taking place chanting "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, No, No, No".

The newly married couple were unaware the event was taking place, and the bride was not happy with her photos being interrupted by the protest.

"I'd prefer they just moved, to be honest," she said.

The bridal party in the background of the protest.
The bridal party in the background of the protest. Photo credit: ABC News Australia

The march was supposed to have thousands of people in attendance, but only reached around 500. Organiser Phillipa Bruce blames the turnout on poor advertising.

"Unfortunately, we had radio advertising ready to go out and that was delayed for whatever reason," she said.

"When your ad gets canned again and again you have to ask questions about what is happening there."

Another rally on the same day in support of same-sex marriage had 5000 attendees. The marches did not intersect. 

Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya-Pilbersek told the Yes rally the survey should never have happened. 

"This conflict never needed to be in people's families or in people's lounge rooms, it never needed to be in our community," she said.

"$122 million wasted, it never needed to be, so I feel angry as well as sad."

The Australian same sex marriage survey voting period ends on November 7, with the results expected to be announced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on November 15.