Aussie mum says Sunsilk shampoo left daughter with chemical burns

An Australian mother says Sunsilk shampoo left her daughter with chemical burns.

The popular shampoo reportedly left the two-year-old burned on her face and neck.

Jaime Wellings from Newcastle posted photos on Facebook of her daughter covered in red blotches and blisters.

"It was all lifted off her face, all red and bumpy. I was absolutely heartbroken at the fact that a shampoo could possibly do that," she said.

Ms Wellings said the burns were caused by a new formula of Sunsilk, a brand she has used for years.

"I think they should take it off the shelf because the new formula is obviously not good."

Doctors told Ms Wellings the burns could take weeks to heal.

Ms Wellings is now applying prescription creams to her daughter twice a day, and will need to use special medicated bathwash and shampoo until the blisters have healed.

Sunsilk said it will test the shampoo, but has not had any other complaints about the product.