Australian grandma supports marriage equality for her granddaughter

Jean and her granddaughter Gabby on their way to the post box.
Jean and her granddaughter Gabby on their way to the post box. Photo credit: Australian Marriage Equality

An Australian grandma has featured in an adorable video, voting for marriage equality.

Australia is currently holding a public vote on whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.

Polling has found that those who support the law change are likely to be younger, while older voters tend to be opposed.

However, elderly grandmother Jean is outspoken about her 'Yes' vote.

In a video released by Australian Marriage Equality, Jean explains she is voting 'Yes' for granddaughter Gabby.

"My youngest granddaughter has grown into a very loyal, very kind, loving girl and I'm so proud of her.

"It is very important to say 'Yes' to make them happy, and it will obviously make me very happy if Gabby and [her partner] Rosie are happy and settled and married, and that's what I want for them."

The video shows Gabby driving Jean into town to cast her postal vote.

"We're going to post a letter! A very important letter!" Jean says. "Everybody vote yes, yes, Y-E-S!"

On their way to the post box, grandma Jean yells out from her wheelchair to a group of passers-by: "Hey, you fellas, vote yes!"

They reply: "Hear, hear."

The positive clip has been widely shared online, a stark contrast to the negative 'No' campaign.

This comes after a string of homophobic threats of death and arson against vocal supporters of the 'Yes' campaign.