Australian police officers investigated over video that shows them kicking, punching woman and man

Three Australian police officers are under investigation after being caught kicking and punching a female and male suspect during an arrest, but they currently remain on full duties.

Footage obtained by 7 News shows the officers - known only as Hitchen, Richardson and Thompson - kicking a woman to the ground and punching a man they were holding down.

The officers had claimed the woman, Jacqueline Briffa, tried to take one of their guns - however, the video shows otherwise, a Perth courtroom ruled this week.

Charges against Ms Briffa - including three counts of assaulting a police officer - were thrown out after the video was played.

The man who was punched by police was arrested and charged with obstructing police.

Hitchen, Richardson and Thompson remain on duty, but are undergoing a full review.