Australian same-sex marriage survey returned with razor blades hidden inside

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The Australian Statistics Bureau (ABS) has confirmed razor blades have been found concealed inside a returned same-sex marriage postal survey envelope.

ABS Deputy Statistician Jonathan Palmer told a senate committee ballot fraud has been discovered and a number of ballots have been found to contain foreign objects or items considered suspicious.

One of the ballots contained razor blades; the ABS did not say whether the blades were in support of or against same sex marriage. 

Other ballots have been returned with items such as glitter or soil in them. Before the survey was released voters were warned that foreign objects such as glitter could risk a spoiled vote.

Mr Palmer also said there had been 34 complaints of fraud relating to the $122 million postal survey.

According to Mr Palmer 14 complaints had been referred to police due to the sale of survey forms online, while a further four were due to survey form theft.

A spokesperson for the Australian Federal Police confirmed to Perth Now that 14 ballots frauds are being investigated.

"The AFP has undertaken an evaluation of the matters referred," a spokesperson said.

"Based on the information available, the AFP will not be taking any further action in relation to these matters."