Australian woman caught driving without licence for 23 years

Australian woman caught driving without licence for 23 years
Photo credit: Facebook/ Elii T Chapo

An Australian woman has been caught driving without a licence for 23 years. 

Video of the unnamed woman being pulled over and interviewed by police has gone viral, viewed over 231,000 times on Facebook.

Unable to see the situation as serious, the woman collapses into fits of laughter several times. 

The police officer explains that she will have to go see the magistrate and that it would be advisable to get a licence before going to court.

Both the woman and the officer break down into giggles when she tells him just how long she's been without a licence.

"I'm very careful of driving the car, no accident nothing… this is the first time in my in total life you pull me over. You're such a good constable," she said.

The officer couldn't believe she had been driving without a licence for so long, expressing this to the camera.

"To have someone that's 23 years without a licence and obviously never had a ticket or never been intercepted by police for any purpose is amazing."

When the woman asked him why she was pulled over, the officer said that the vehicle she was driving was registered to her deceased husband, who was also unlicensed.  

She joked that police would have to "dig him up to come do the licence".