Australian woman finds massive earthworm

Australian woman finds massive earthworm
Photo credit: Facebook

A Queensland woman has been left stunned after finding a giant earthworm while on a walk in Australia.

The woman, who didn't want to be named, found the worm was on a walk in Mount Tamborine, Queensland when she found the enormous invertebrate.

She tentatively picked it up between two sticks for photographic proof.

The picture was posted on the 7 News Facebook page where users were astounded at the worm's size.

One commenter described the worm as "what nightmares are made of", while another said "even our worms are like something from a nightmare".

Digaster longmani, or giant earthworms, are common in the Mount Tamborine area and often appear after periods of intense rain.

The worms can grow up to two meters in length, although thankfully this worm still has some way to go before it reaches that length. 



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