Bodybuilder carries car away after parking dispute

A Turkish bodybuilder has dealt with a roading dispute in a manner only extremely muscle-bound people can - by lifting a car and moving it into a different position.

Hakan Acar, who's more widely known by his pseudonym Tulk - short for the Turkish Hulk - can be seen picking up a car on a Manchester street and shifting it down the roadside in footage of the incident.

The moment was captured by someone in a nearby house.

Mr Acar, 23, told The Sun his act was the culmination of a long-running parking dispute between his aunt, Abi Mustafa, and her neighbours.

Photo credit: Mercury Print & Media

He said they had deliberately parked in front of her driveway, and when he confronted them about it they refused to move - so Mr Acar decided to take matters into his own, extremely muscly hands and moved it himself.

"To be honest I didn't go over with the intention of actually pushing the car in the first place," he told The Sun.

"I just wanted to see how heavy it was but then I realised I could move it. I've pulled 8.5-tonne trucks before so a one-tonne Corsa wasn't going to be a problem."

Mr Acar was able to move the vehicle well out of the way of the driveway - but now the neighbours have complained that he did damage to its motor.

Police are currently investigating.