California fires: Emotional reunion as men find family dog thought dead

An emotional reunion between two men and their beloved family dog has been caught on video, after they were forced to leave her behind in raging wildfires.

Jack Weaver and his family had to urgently evacuate the fires blazing through northern California, fleeing for their lives in their pajamas.

They were forced to leave their Bernese mountain dog, Izzy, behind.

After the fire moved on, Mr Weaver and his brother-in-law Patrick Widen went back to their home. They had to hike for several kilometres and go around police barricades, expecting to find Izzy's body.

But in a touching reunion filmed by Mr Weaver, out of the rubble came Izzy, bounding joyfully towards her family.

He had been filming the destruction to show his parents and didn't expect to reunite with Izzy.

"Izzy's here! Izzy! Come here baby! Hey baby!" he can be heard calling excitedly in the video, as a stunned Mr Widen calls: "Oh my God!"

Mr Weaver told the Associated Press their house had been burned to the ground, but he was glad Izzy was okay.

The wildfires raging across California have claimed at least 40 lives, in the deadliest series of blazes in the state's history.