Chinese museum exhibition compares Africans to wild animals

A museum exhibition showing photographs of African people alongside wild animals with similar facial expressions has been pulled.

The exhibition, This is Africa, was on display at the Hubei Provincial Museum in the city of Wuhan. The photographs were taken by Yu Huiping, a construction magnate, reports 7 News.

One pairing in particular - a photograph of a young child with his mouth open next to an ape doing the same - drew particularly negative attention.

"The target audience is mainly Chinese," curator Wang Yuejin said in a statement.

He said comparison to animals is meant as a compliment in Chinese culture, but after realising it offended "our African friends", had the whole exhibition removed.

Chinese media often makes headlines for missing the mark on racial issues. Last week, communications app WeChat was forced to apologise after translating a Chinese phrase meaning 'black foreigner' to 'n****r'.

More than 141,000 people had seen the exhibition before the complaints were raised on social media by a Nigerian man, Edward Duke.


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