Creepy clown groups promise to terrorise Australia

Creepy clowns are making a resurgence - well, at least in Australia.

A Facebook group claims to be behind a recent spate of spooky encounters with clowns and has vowed to return with a vengeance across the country in the lead-up to Halloween.

Clown Australia has hinted at a nationwide scare-fest going state by state, beginning in Queensland and finishing in the Northern Territory.

Queensland has been told it has just one day to prepare for an influx of creepy clowns, with New South Wales and Victoria warned they will be next. The group also released a list of cities within each state that it would target.

The promise of more incidents comes during a renaissance in creepy clown attacks across the Tasman and in the US, reprising the horror move It.

Another group - Crown Purge Australia - admitted the film had given it renewed inspiration.

"After the recent release of It, we have decided to come back and give a real taste," it said.

"We have now reunited and have over 20,000 anonymous clowns over Australia. We will be all over the east coast, from south to north first.

"Be prepared. We do not mean any harm, all of it is just for a scare and some laughs."

The resurgence is sure to provide headaches for police, who were last year inundated with reports of creepy clown attacks.


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