Creepy footage shows 'suspicious' man in van offering girls doughnuts in Manchester

A UK mother has posted creepy footage online of a man trying to lure her kids to his van with doughnuts as a warning to other parents.

Rechelle Haigh says her two-year-old and eight-year-old daughters and six-year-old stepdaughter were playing in the garden at their home in Manchester, when a man in a white van pulled over and asked them to come to his van for a doughnut.

Ms Haigh says her older daughter grabbed the youngest one and ran inside as soon as the incident took place on Saturday afternoon.

"I went straight out asked him what was he doing he said he just wanted to give her a doughnut. I thank my blessing I have a wise daughter and she ran in, please keep your kids safe from people like this," she wrote in a Facebook post.

She says she didn't manage to get the registration number as the picture was too blurry, but has posted a video online of the man pulling over.

Ms Haigh say she's proud of her daughter for her response.