Donald Trump tries to deflect probes into Russian relations

US President Donald Trump has launched a Twitter tirade over the "guilt" of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

His outburst is being described as a diversion, after the first criminal charges were filed in the investigation into Russian involvement in the US election. 

Speculation is mounting over who will be the first of Mr Trump's team to be arrested.

Special investigator Robert Mueller is looking into Russian meddling in last year's US election and if anyone connected to the Trump campaign colluded with Vladimir Putin's government. 

After months of investigations, the first arrest could happen as early as tomorrow. 

"Mueller has decided to indict a certain individual in the hope they will flip - in other words, they'll agree to cooperate with the investigation," political commentator Ronarto Marinarti says.

The most likely targets are former national security advisor Michael Flynn and Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, whose home was raided by the FBI.  

Mr Trump responded in typical style, tweeting: "The Dems are using the terrible (and bad for our country) Witch Hunt for evil politics.

"There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out. DO SOMETHING! 

"All of this 'Russia' talk right when the Republicans are making their big push for historic Tax Cuts & Reform. Is this coincidental? NOT!"

Political commentator Prof Julian Zelizer says: "President Trump is making it much worse.

"He's a president who is a divider and he plays to the divisions, rather than trying to unify."

Many Republicans, though, are standing by their man.

"The President is not under investigation and no-one has told him that he is," says Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. "He's cooperating fully.

Former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says: "The speculation is so insane right now.

"What we should be focusing on is the continuing lies of the Clinton Administration." 

Republican's accuse Ms Clinton of doing a deal with a Russian Uranium company in 2010, when she was Secretary of State, in exchange for donations to her husband's charity.

But Mr Trump's alleged ties to Russia are hitting him where it hurts most - his approval rating is only 38 percent, his lowest since taking office.