Family flees Sydney hospital with stolen baby and hits pedestrian

A newborn baby girl has been taken from a Western Sydney hospital, the getaway car slamming into a pedestrian and not stopping.

The two-day-old baby was allegedly stolen by her mother, father and grandmother to avoid her being taken into custody by the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS).

The escape was short-lived - 800m from the hospital the grandmother allegedly hit a 61-year-old pedestrian driving down Blacktown's busy Main Street. They didn't stop to help the man, despite him suffering serious head injuries. 

A few minutes later the driver returned to the scene, where she was arrested. She has been charged with dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm, negligent driving and driving furiously.  

The baby was returned to Blacktown Hospital where she underwent a thorough check up, she remains in the care of FACS.

The pedestrian was rushed to Westmead Hospital and is expected to undergo surgery for head injuries sustained in the accident. 

According to witnesses the accident left him in a bad state. Beck Kowalski, a worker on Main St, said the incident left the pedestrian badly affected.

"I work 10m away, and I was in my office. They were basically just trying to help the guy," Ms Kowalski said.

"He was in such a bad state. His wife was in distress, just sitting on the floor next to him."

The child's mother remained in hospital on Friday night undergoing mental health testing, while the father remains at large.