Fears of violence at Manus Island detention centre

A confrontation is looming in Papua New Guinea as an Australian-run detention centre is set to close its doors.

More than 700 men on Manus Island are being ordered to leave the detention centre, which is set for closure on Tuesday.

However there's uncertainty where they will go - and many are refusing to leave the facility.

As the refugees wait to learn their fate, there are fears of violence breaking out.

Kate Shuetze from Amnesty International is there and says it's getting intense.

"The police are mounting up like it's a war here and have real concerns around the number of armed forces, security guards that are being sent in here to try and prepare for this relocation," she says.

Ms Shuetze says it's uncertain where the men will go and the refugees want to stay put.

"We don't know if they're going to forcibly relocate people or whether they're just going to pull out from the centre and leave them and essentially abandon them. A lot of these questions remain unanswered, it's quite alarming," she says.

"What we would like to see happen is the Australian government accepts responsibility for these refugees and or at least they're offered safe haven in another country."