Gender-ambiguous toilet symbol confuses star

Toilet door
This symbol confused British TV star Susanna Reid. Photo credit: Susanna Reid/Twitter

If nature called and you were confronted with a door bearing this symbol, what would you do?

That's the dilemma British TV presenter Susanna Reid faced when she needed to go on Saturday (local time).

"Men's or ladies'..?" the Good Morning Britain host tweeted.

So she decided to find out.

"I went in. I was wrong," she tweeted 10 minutes later, before soon coming across the door she should have gone through.

While the women's symbol is clearly a woman - complete with Princess Leia hairdo and a long 1960s skirt - it's not surprising the men's symbol tricked Reid.

Other Twitter users chimed in with their thoughts, some suggesting better, less ambiguous designs.

A number of people noted the men's symbol bears a striking similarity to the logo used by computer company Commodore.

Others provided more examples of terrible toilet symbol design.

With an increasing number of public loos going gender-neutral, confusing graphic design might not be a problem plaguing the world's toilet users for much longer.