Kim Dotcom funding take-down of Hollywood's 'sexual predators'

Kim Dotcom says he'll fund the law firm willing to bring cases against Hollywood's "sexual predators".
Kim Dotcom says he'll fund the law firm willing to bring cases against Hollywood's "sexual predators". Photo credit: Getty

New Zealand-based internet mogul Kim Dotcom has promised Hollywood will "never be the same" after his plan to fund sexual abuse cases comes into effect.

The former leader of the Internet Party took to Twitter earlier this week to claim sexual abuse in Hollywood is "as common as dirt", and vowed Harvey Weinstein's downfall would be "just the beginning".

Weinstein has been sacked by the board of his hugely successful Weinstein Company, and suffered a very public fall from grace in the wake of a bombshell New York Times report that exposed an allegedly extensive history of sexual harassment.

But now Dotcom wants more action in an effort to change the culture of sexual abuse believed to be so prevalent throughout Hollywood.

"Looking for a Los Angeles law firm willing to represent hundreds of sexual abuse victims of Hollywood elites, pro-bono. I'll find funding," he wrote on Sunday.

"Someone please create a site where sexual abuse victims of Hollywood can share their stories anonymously and find representation. I'll promote it."

After several days of silence on the matter, Dotcom announced on Wednesday that he'd found a law firm willing to represent sexual abuse victims for free - and vowed Hollywood wouldn't be the same once he's done with it.

Many believe Dotcom has targeted Hollywood executives because their objections to Megaupload, the streaming website he founded, and others sites like it resulted in a mammoth copyright violation case being brought against him by the US government.

However Dotcom says his initiative isn't motivated by revenge, but by the prospect of "Hollywood victims, coming together, helping other victims".

Dotcom recently failed in a bid to stop the US government seizing his assets amid claims of copyright violations and money laundering.


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