Lamborghini split in half in fiery accident

A Lamborghini has been left torn in half in a crash in Miami.

CBS News reports the sports car was travelling at high speed when the driver lost control, slamming into a tree and then hitting a parked Chrysler.

The force of the impact left the Chrysler on fire, and a witness says moments after the crash a man emerged from the Lamborghini in flames.

Pedro Huamchamo told CBS News: "It was like a 'boom' and when I looked to my side I saw the car on fire in two pieces. I saw the guy get out of the car with fire on his arm and legs and he was screaming."

Two people were taken to local hospitals with injuries. The most severely injured person was treated for burns.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident, with security footage of the area suggesting that the car may have hydroplaned in the wet conditions before the crash.