Las Vegas gunman's neighbourhood overrun with media and public

  • 06/10/2017
Stephen Paddock's house in Sun City, an hour out of Las Vegas.
Stephen Paddock's house in Sun City, an hour out of Las Vegas.

A usually quiet neighbourhood in Las Vegas has become overrun with media and the public, trying to get a glimpse of a mass-shooter's former home.

Retiree Stephen Paddock sprayed bullets into a crowd at a country music concert from his hotel room above on Sunday, killing 59 people and injuring nearly 500 more. He then took his own life, as police used explosives to enter his room.

Police and FBI are now working to piece together what led to the biggest mass shooting in modern American history, investigating Paddock's relationships and lifestyle.

That investigation includes Paddock's property, one of 3750 homes in the Sun City private residence, which is now also attracting unwanted visitors.

The community is designed for "active adults" over the age of 55. Frustrated residents are now resorting to putting up signs warning off trespassers, reports.

Neighbours of the mass-murderer are now resorting to erecting signs, stating: "residents only" and "no trespassing".

Paddock moved into the community in 2015. The only sign now of anything amiss is the broken-down garage, where police broke in this week.