Las Vegas shooting: Concertgoers ran back into gunfire to save others

Survivors of the Las Vegas massacre have told how they may not be alive, except for the brave concert-goers who stayed behind under gunfire to help them.

Retiree Stephen Paddock shot and killed 58 people and injured 500 more from his hotel window above the country music event, before taking his own life.

Tom McIntosh was shot in the leg, but says if it weren't for the actions of stranger James Lawton he would've died.

"There were dozens and dozens of other concertgoers doing the same thing," he told Newshub.

"They couldn't leave anybody behind, they were running back towards the [gunfire] to help more people. I wouldn't be here… I wouldn't."

One man says he took 8-10 trips back into the area, "just to try and get as many people out".

"I was carrying, whether they were dead or alive, as many people as I possibly could."

Kiwi Glen Cosford is on holiday in Nevada with his family. They were caught up in the stampede down Las Vegas Boulevard on Monday night.

"You just run for your life, and that's what me and my family did.

"My father-in-law was behind me. He said people were falling flat on their face… old ladies... people being run over by other people."

Everyone there is doing what they can to help others. Kiwi Bhushan Arolkar owns a local restaurant, and this evening delivered curries to officers working overtime at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Centre.

"We are all dealing with this shock and everyone is stepping up. It's our turn to step up and we have, because we love this city."

Mr Arolkar and wife Jasmine are also offering a free buffet for first responders.

"This city is known as just fun and games - 'sin city' - but it's actually a city of love and compassion."