London driver released without charge

  • 09/10/2017
One of the accident's victims.
One of the accident's victims. Photo credit: Reuters

Police have released a 47-year-old man arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving after a car crash outside London's Natural History Museum injured 11 people.

Police said on Sunday the man was released "under investigation". He has not been charged or identified.

The crash on Saturday afternoon on Exhibition Road in London's busy museum district was initially feared to be a possible terrorist attack.

It seemed to resemble incidents earlier this year when extremists in vehicles attacked pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and on London Bridge.

Police said after several hours of urgent investigation that it was a road traffic collision not related to terrorism.

Detective Constable Darren Case said: "Because of where this collision occurred and the number of pedestrians involved, I fully appreciate the concern and alarm this incident caused.

"Inquiries have established that this incident is not terrorist related and I'd like to thank those who came to assist the injured."

The leg and head injuries suffered by pedestrians were not judged to be life-threatening.

Britain's official terrorist threat level is set at "severe" indicating an attack is likely.