Major change to timeline of events in Las Vegas shooting

A gunman who shot dead 58 concertgoers in Las Vegas had shot a security guard six minutes before he opened fire - not as police arrived after the attack, as originally thought.

Stephen Paddock hired a hotel room above the country music concert and fired rounds of ammunition out the window at the crowds below. He then killed himself as police closed in.

Officers initially said security guard Jesus Campos distracted Paddock during his deadly attack and was shot in the leg, a minute before police arrived.

However, they have since changed their story, confirming the guard was shot a whole six minutes before the attack even began.

It draws into question the timeline of events and the speed of the police response.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told the Daily Mail Mr Campos had actually approached the room because a door alarm had been set off nearby.

It contradicts the initial report from police that Paddock abruptly stopped firing 10 minutes after he had started because of the interruption.

It also lengthens the 10-minute window between Paddock's first shot and his last to 16 minutes.