Meet Mochi, the dog with the world's longest tongue

Meet Mochi, the dog with the world's longest tongue
Photo credit: Youtube/ Guinness World Records

If you're not a fan of sloppy dog kisses, it may be best to stay away from Mochi Rickert. 

The giant St Bernard has recently been crowned the Guinness World Record holder for the world's longest tongue on a dog.

Mochi and her owner Carla Rickert
Mochi and her owner Carla Rickert Photo credit: Youtube/Guinness World Records

Her tongue measures a whopping 18.5 centimetres from snout to tip. Mochi's owner, Carla Rickert, says the best way to see it in all its glory is to give her some peanut butter.

Mochi has been living with the Rickert family for six-and-a-half years since being adopted from a specialist group that rescues large dogs.

Ms Rickert hopes that Mochi's success shines a light on the how much joy rescued animals can bring to families.

"Mo is resilient, comical, loving and eternally grateful and loyal to us - her forever family. This once abused and neglected pup has taught us that it's okay to be different. We are proud of her unique feature," she said.

On being awarded the record, Ms Rickert said "It's going to make all of the water and slobber that we've cleaned up over the last six and a half years well worth it."