New Google earphones translate language in real-time

New Google earphones translate language in real-time
Photo credit: Tech Radar

Google has released a new device that could break down language barriers worldwide.

The new earphones, called Pixel Buds, translate languages straight into the ear in real-time. They're programmed to identify 40 different languages and work through Bluetooth technology.

A demonstration of the new product on Thursday showed only a two-second lag time converting Swedish into English, as two people had a face-to-face conversation.

The earphones can only be used with Google phones.

The device comes in a rechargeable case that allows for 24-hours of use and can also be used to activate phone app Google Assistant. The user can speak out loud for internet requests and have the Pixel Buds speak back to them.

Apple has released a similar in-ear product - AirPods - which are compatible with iPhones and share many similar features, but without the translation tool.

The device will be released in November and costs US$159 (NZ$222).