No dog left behind in Bali volcano evacuations

Volunteer rescuers are working to make sure no man, woman or dog is left behind, as a volcano on Bali threatens to erupt.

Mt Agung is expected to erupt for the first time in decades, the Indonesian government has warned.

Ahead of the imminent blast, more than 140,000 people have been evacuated from the red zone around the volcano and moved to temporary holdings on other parts of the island.

However, in the rush, many left their animals behind, as well as dozens of stray dogs that call the streets home.

Volunteers for the Bali Animal Welfare Association have now taken matters into their own hands.

"We're just seeing a lot of starving dogs and a lot of scared dogs," founder Janice Giradi told the Associated Press.

"Luckily, the earthquakes have stopped for a bit, because what we were seeing last week, we were up on Tuesday, when all of the big quakes were hitting and we were going up, everybody was panicked running down and we just saw dogs running crazy, running amok down the roads."

So far, the group has created and filled one temporary animal shelter, which currently houses more than 70 dogs, on an empty pig farm.

That's already filled up and work is underway on a second shelter.

"People are bringing us their dogs that have been up in the red zone, and they can't get up to feed them or give them water," Ms Giradi said.

"They're telling us where they are or they're running up, getting them and bringing them to us."

As well as rescuing the animals left behind, the group has also taken on the care of a group of strays that live around Pura Besakih, a revered Hindu temple- located within an off-limits area, as it's too close to the volcano for safety.

Ms Giradi is from California, but has lived in Bali for more than 30 years and admitted she's a little nervous about getting close to the volcano.

However, she said it's more important for animals to be treated humanely.

Hundreds of small earthquakes have shaken the island in the build-up to the possible explosion, with officials on high alert.