Peppa Pig sunscreen leaves boy with severe burns

A Western Australia boy has been left with severe burns after using sunscreen that was supposedly safe for him.

Rivers Jasper was on holiday in Bali when he broke out in painful blisters after his parents used Australian Cancer Council-approved Peppa Pig sunscreen.

His parents, Shannae and Paul, say the sunscreen had been applied in their hotel room and within minutes Rivers was screaming in agony.

Ms Jasper told 7 News: "His skin was really, really tender and red. He was vomiting all the next day.

"He's absolutely petrified now of when we try and put any type of spray, lotion; even in the bath he won't pour the water over his back. He won't let us touch him."

According to the Jaspers the sunscreen was not expired and had been sitting in their cupboard for about a year. They only used it when their preferred sunscreen ran out.

Ms Jasper shared a video of Rivers after using the sunscreen to warn other parents about its danger. More than 2.4 million units of the Peppa Pig sunscreen have been sold.

The Cancer Council says "all their sunscreens are approved by the TGA and tested to the Australian Standard" and that a "small proportion of the population do experience sensitivities or allergies".

The Cancer Council is now in touch with the Jaspers.