PornHub users targeted by malicious malware

Florence, Italy - May 2, 2011:, and web site on lcd screen. The three site are the most famous porn streaming website on the web for erotic content.
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Millions of PornHub users have been tricked into downloading malware onto their computers.

Tech firm Proofpoint revealed the hack, saying visitors to the site were encouraged to download what they thought was a browser update but was actually malicious software. 

Downloading the software would lead to the user's computer systems becoming infected with the Kovter virus.

Once the virus is on users' computers it infects the system and spreads itself to other people's computers.

The attack is known as "malvertising" and it works by spreading fake adverts to capture other victims. 

The malware is capable of infecting all three major web browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer.

Mark James, a security specialist at tech firm ESET, told The Sun that using porn was a great way to spread viruses due to its reputation.

"The audience is possibly less likely to have security in place or active as people's perception is that it's already a dark place to surf," he said.

"Also the user may be less likely to call for help... not wanting others to see their browsing habits - and of course the criminals are fully aware of this."


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