Pushchair smashed to pieces after rolling into passing train

The horrifying moment a pram rolled across a platform into an oncoming train has been captured on CCTV.

Footage from Nuneaton station in England shows what happens when a pushchair is left unattended and without its brakes on.

The slipstream caused by a passing freight train causes the pushchair to be drawn in and become mangled.

It was left in pieces on the platform, and thankfully there was no child in the pushchair at the time.

UK rail safety body RSSB released the footage, and is warning parents to take extra care when using pushchairs on train platforms.

"We know that anyone looking after children will have their hands full and may feel they can't keep an eye on everything and everyone at once," said safety specialist Paul Leach.  

"But the CCTV at Nuneaton shows just how important it is to keep control of a pushchair."

He said parents need to keep hold of prams and fully apply the brakes whenever possible.



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