Serial trespasser koala gets stuck yet again

A curious koala has sparked a rescue mission after getting herself stuck 30 metres up a drilling rig.

The marsupial made itself at home high up on the drilling rig at a construction site in Adelaide early on Tuesday morning.

Local rescue group South Australian Fauna Rescue tried to coax her down, but when their efforts failed the fire brigade and a crane was brought in to extract the animal from the precarious situation.

"She was a bit reluctant. But we did manage to convince her that it was in her best interests come down," Anne Brigham from South Australian Fauna Rescue told 7 News.

Once she was plucked from the rig, a tag in her ear was used to identify her and it turns out this isn't the first time she's made herself at home where she shouldn't be.

Earlier in the year she was found trespassing at Flinders University and had to be rescued. That escapade earned her the nickname "Unigirl" with her rescuers.

She is currently resting before she is released back into the wild and hopefully far away from construction.