Sydney man sets up McNuggets Facebook event, gets more than he bargained for

A simple trip down the road for McNuggets has turned into quite the adventure for one Sydney man as his Facebook event to fetch the treats went viral. 

Corey Dunkin, 30, set up the Facebook event entitled "I'm going to go get some Chicken McNuggets" to encourage people to come to McDonald's with him.

The description said, "I'm going to get some chicken nuggets if anyone wants to come get some.

"Will probably get some sweet 'n' sour sauce to go along with it idk [I don't know]." 

The event went viral, with more than 5000 people saying they were interested in attending.

While not all of them showed up, more than 200 people crowded into McDonald's on Sydney's George St on Friday.

Mr Dunkin arrived to cheers and revellers chanting his name when he placed his order at the restaurant.

In a post after the event he expressed gratitude to all those who took part. 

"Thank you SO MUCH for coming, and to the others that participated in other suburbs, states and countries. This was a great event and I'm so glad to see everyone else loved nuggets as much as I do."

Despite all the publicity, Mr Dunkin did still have to pay for his nuggets.