Anaheim fires cast apocalyptic cloud over Disneyland

Los Angeles, Disneyland
Homes in Los Angeles have been razed to the ground with thousands evacuated. Photo credit: Amanda Busick/Twitter

A dark apocalyptic-like cloud has descended over Disneyland in Los Angeles as a nearby shrub fire roars into life.

Theme park-goers took to Twitter to share their view from the world's most famous park with some describing the smoke as "spooky" and "scary."

Los Angeles, Disneyland
Smoke has billowed over Disneyland. Photo credit: Derek Montilla/Twitter

Disneyland remains open to the public but could face closure if the fire spreads.

The fire sparked in the Anaheim hills on Monday morning (US Time) following recent dry and windy weather in the area.

Los Angeles, CBS News
Homes have been raised to the ground. Photo credit: CBS News

Authorities say the fire covered an initial area of 25 acres, but spread so quickly they couldn't estimate the current size of the blaze.

It follows another recent fire nearby that blackened more than 2600 acres of land and took more than a week to contain.

Los Angeles, CBS News
Nearby freeways have been closed as the fire spreads. Photo credit: CBS News

An evacuation order has been issued around the Anaheim Hills area with students from at least two schools also evacuated.