Trump says he met 'President' of US Virgin Islands

Donald Trump at the Values Voter Summit.
Donald Trump at the Values Voter Summit. Photo credit: Getty

Donald Trump has claimed to have met the "President" of the US Virgin Islands. Small problem - that's him.

He was speaking to supporters at home in Washington about his trip to the United States' offshore territories, hit hard by hurricanes in recent weeks.

"I will tell you I left Texas and I left Florida and I left Louisiana and I went to Puerto Rico and I met with the President of the Virgin Islands," Mr Trump told the audience of the Values Voter Summit.

The US Virgin Islands are - as their name suggests - part of the United States.

It wasn't a one-off flub, either - he mentioned the so-called President a second time later in the speech.

"The Virgin Islands and the President of the Virgin Islands, these are people that are incredible people, they suffered gravely and we're be there, we're going to be there, we have really, it is not even a question of a choice."

It's believed he was referring to Kenneth Mapp, Governor of the US Virgin Islands. A spokesman for Mr Mapp said he didn't want to comment on Mr Trump's mistake.

"It doesn't serve our purpose to participate in the national hoopla over whether Donald Trump is making competent comments or not," said Sam Topp, deputy communications director for Mr Mapp.

"Just look at the documents that govern the relationship [between the United States and the US Virgin Islands], and you can determine how relevant or irrelevant, or advised or ill-advised, his comments were. There's no president of the United States other than the president of the United States."

The official White House transcript of the speech had 'Governor' written where Mr Trump said 'President'.