Twitter promises tougher stance on violence, Nazis

  • 19/10/2017
Twitter says it will take action against users that glorify violence.
Twitter says it will take action against users that glorify violence. Photo credit: Getty

Twitter has toughened its stance on online sexual harassment and abuse, laying out stronger penalties for misconduct on the social media platform, according to an email published by Wired.

In a series of tweets on Friday, the social media company's chief executive Jack Dorsey announced plans to act more aggressively to limit the number of bullies and harassers on the website.

An email published by Wired said the new extended set of guidelines follow up on Mr Dorsey's tweets and will include the immediate and permanent suspension of any account Twitter identifies as the original poster/source of non-consensual nudity.

The site's definition of non-consensual nudity will also be expanded to include "upskirt imagery, 'creep shots' and hidden camera content", the email said.

The email also promised to publish more details on a change in policy which would include hate symbols and imagery in its definition of sensitive media.

"We are still defining the exact scope of what will be covered by this policy. At a high level, hateful imagery, hate symbols, etc will now be considered sensitive media (similar to how we handle and enforce adult content and graphic violence). More details to come."

Twitter also said in the email it would take action against users that glorify violence.

"We realize that a more aggressive policy and enforcement approach will result in the removal of more content from our service. We are comfortable making this decision."

Women's groups have boycotted the site in protest after actress Rose McGowan's account had its features disabled in the midst of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal.