US family's 'rowdy' kids see them kicked off flight

A Los Angeles couple are fuming after they were kicked off a flight when their children were deemed "a disturbance" - despite them apparently doing nothing wrong.

Erin Gatling and Craig Shilling have taken to social media to speak on their experience, immediately after being booted from their flight back to LA from Chicago.

"We don't even know what we did wrong," Mr Shilling says, in their Facebook Live video.

The couple say their children were accused of repeated running up and down the aisles, and jumping on tray tables, but Ms Gatling says neither of those claims is true.

"They did not cry or scream at all during the flight," Gatling writes in a Facebook post.

"My biggest frustration is that no-one will tell me what being a disturbance means. The only further explanation was running up and down the aisle, and jumping on tray tables.

"First, we never opened our tray table, so jumping on them didn't occur... and we were in the aisle only one time."

They are also alleged to have made physical contact with a flight attendant and bumping someone with a stroller. The pair say they were then detained for six hours at the airport, before being released at 1am.

Southwest airline contests the couple's recount of events, describing its customer service as "legendary" and accusing the family of failing to follow in-flight instructions.

They say the family refused to talk to Southwest employees after the incident, and claim the situation at the airport "escalated" to a point where local authorities had to get involved.